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Welcome to Compelled by Love

Thanks for visiting my new blog! I am excited about starting to blog more regularly and hope that this becomes something that I can develop the discipline to maintain. Basically, discipline is something that is really lacking in many areas of my life, but I will aim to make this a priority. This blog will basically focus on the things that I like to talk about, and will hopefully be beneficial for you to read. I will mainly discuss theological musings, life circumstances, or other areas of interest to me (mainly sports, technology, and books). That said I hope you will visit often or subscribe; I am aiming to put a post up here every Monday, but I have many other responsibilities and will at times be limited by those other responsibilities. Also, this site is almost constantly under construction; please, excuse my ongoing development and the fact that part of the purpose of this site as a whole is a sort of sandbox for my web development business. Again, thanks for stopping by, and I hope that you will plan on joining me for this journey and even participating in the discussion at times.